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"Tails from the Trails" is coming

On Sunday, April 15th, it's "Tails from the Trails" day (With treats!!)  This is your opportunity to have some fun and raise some pledges for the MH-SPCA!  Sponsored by 105.3 Rock, there is plenty to do including trophies for Top Fundraiser, and Best Dressed!  Come on out, have a great time, and support an amazing cause.  Registration is required and should be completed by April 8th.  Just email

More information here.

Can't wait to see you!!

SPCA staff go above and beyond for 3 year old girl

By Brittney Matejka for Chat TV

Three year old Ellie Russell has visited the SPCA everyday for the past 4 months.

Ellie’s mother, Kristine Russell describes her daughter as being a relatively calm child with a big heart.

“Ellie just fell in love with the cats,” she said. “She likes dogs, but she just loves the kitties, everyday we come to see the kitties.”

One special cat in particular became her daughters favourite, his name was Simon.

Medicine Hat SPCA Receives Grants to Fuel Spay and Neuter Efforts in Rural Communities

Due to grants from PetSmart Charities of Canada and the Cathy J. Richards, Friends, Family, and Dogs Foundation, we are able to offer the Spay/Neuter Assistance Program to rural areas surrounding the City of Medicine Hat in 2018. This includes, but is not limited to, Cypress County and the County of 40 Mile.

You can Download the Application form here. You must bring the form in to the shelter in person, with proof of income, in order to be approved and to pay the low cost fee.

Momma Meredith's Holiday Wish

I am sitting here, thinking back on the past few months, and I want to share with you how very, very thankful I am. Back then, I was living up north in a rural area. I didn’t ‘belong’ to anyone, didn’t have ‘a person’. I wandered around my community following the school kids who would give me treats, and sometimes a nice woman would feed me.

Cat Portals

One of the projects we want to undertake to create a healthier environment for the cat's waiting to come up to adoptions is inserting portals in between two cages to create 'double compartment' cat condos. Research has shown that this is incredibly effective in shelters, and the cat's are much happier and healthier! It's not cheap though to make these doors, as the cages are made of stainless steel.