Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities
The 'Extreme Shelter Makeover' Campaign needs and welcomes gifts at all levels. With a variety of giving levels, the campaign provides numerous opportunities for donor recognition, including sponsorship for individual areas within the new facility, as well as for dog and cat kennels and landscaping. In addition to being listed on the building donor wall, a plaque recognizing your name or company name, or honoring a loved one or beloved pet, can be placed in/on the area for the following sponsorship opportunities:
Sponsorship Opportunity Quantity Gift Level
Education/Training Room 1 $75,000
Dog Adoption & Holding Wings 2 $50,000
Dog Play Parks 2 $40,000
Pet Gear Retail Store 1 $30,000
Medical Exam Suite 1 $30,000 - donated
Dog Isolation Room 1 $25,000 - donated
Cat Isolation Room 1 $25,000 - donated
Exterior Dog Adoptions & Holding Areas 2 $25,000
Community Cat Rooms  2 $20,000
Kitten Room 1 $20,000
Small Animal Suite 1 $15,000
Laundry/Food Prep Room 2 $10,000
Staff Room 1 $10,000 - donated
Outdoor Benches 3 $7,500
Dog Kennels - Adoptions 8 7 $5,000
Cat Condos - Adoptions  20 17 $2,500 
Offices 2 $2,500

The total amount we need to raise is $700,000!

Sponsorship rights will be guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years. Pledges spread over up to 3 years will be accepted.

For more information or to secure your sponsorship, contact Executive Director Katie Ayres at executivedirector@medhatspca.ca or 403-526-7722.

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