Animals for Adoption

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Audrey is a young, female, shepherd/husky type mix
Ozzy is a senior, male Boxer
These kittens are approx. 9 weeks old.
Blaze is a male, chihuahua/min pin x
Cinder and Clover are a pair of bonded guinea pigs.
These two female kittens are 9 weeks old
Tweetie and Sky are are bonded pair of budgies
Ava is a young, female, german shepherd x
Jaxx is a male, 6 month old, husky x
Jazz is a female, 6 month old, husky x
Mona is an 8 week old, female, shepherd x pup
Tiffy is an approx. 3 year old, female, smaller border collie mix. She is Mom to Mona and
Square and Squash are 8 week old, male kittens
Mowgli is a male, DSH
Mom is a 1 year old, female kitty who recently had a litter of kittens
Topaz is a 1 year old female. She has a neurological condition that makes her head a bit w
Spike is a 9 month old, male tabby
Gemma is a female tabby
Kristoff is a young, neutered male, albino rabbit
Hans is a 6 month old, neutered male, albino rabbit
Kipp is a 4 year old, male, border collie x
Maggie is a female, tabby
Lavender is a female tabby
Leo is an 8 year old male kitty. He came to us de-clawed.
These girls are 8 weeks old approx. 
Winnie is a female, lab x
Winston is an 8 month old, male, tabby
Bell is a 7 year old, female, calico
Arthur is a 4 year old, male, tabby
Bobbie Sue is a 1 year old, female, calico
Rocky is a 6 year old, male, grey tabby
Tinker is a 6 year old, female, DSH
Maddie is a 2 year old, female, DMH dilute torti
*Come and visit me at Petland* Minito is a male, orange tabby
Haize is a female, lion head rabbit.
Deisel is a 4 year old, male, black cat
Tom is a 2 year old, male, black DSH
Button is a 1.5 year old female
Thor is an 8 month old, male, tuxedo
Shera is a 2 year old, female, DSH
Kai and Ava are a bonded pair of female, 4 month old, albino rabbits. 
Mookey is an 8 year old, male, DSH

To MAKE AN ENQUIRY, please contact the SPCA:


Medicine Hat SPCA

55 Southwest Drive SW
Medicine Hat, AB
T1A 8E8
Phone: (403) 526-7722
Fax: (403) 504-5740
Contact us via email

PetSmart is  a huge supporter of the Medicine Hat SPCA; besides helping us to find loving adoption homes for our cats, PetSmart Charities of Canada has given the MHSPCA two very  large grants allowing us to provide a No-Cost Spay and Neuter Program for cats. These grants have certainly helped the MHSPCA in its plight to eradicate the cat overpopulation issue in this city.

Pet Land is a huge supporter of the Medicine Hat SPCA and graciously takes great care of many of our shelter cats at the Pet Land store in efforts to help us find them Furever homes! Thank you Pet Land!