For nearly 21 years, the MHSPCA has been under contract to provide Pound Service for the City of Medicine hat; but as of December 31, 2015, this is about to end.  We have provided exemplary services for over 30,000 homeless, abandoned animals and have served out community very well in this regard.  However, who we are as a Humane Society has begun to change, because our building is plain worn out and we no longer have the space to carry out our vital SPCA programs.  We are overcrowded with pound animals and we no longer with to deal with the Pound issues.

Our mandate as a Humane Society is to educate the public on animal care and welfare, speak out against animal abuse, continue to work towards ending the animal overpopulation in our City and continue to provide a safe place and emergency care for homeless and injured animals.

For the past 5 years, the MHSPCA has been struggling due to the lack of shelter space to comfortably house all of the City's stray animals.  There was a hope of a new, larger building on the horizon, but the dream will not become reality, because of the tough economic times that we are now facing.  In our small city, there are just too many groups asking for money for various causes.